Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goodbye 17. Hello 18.

Usually, I get really excited months before my birthday. I plan impossible things and I exaggerate a lot too. This is not new for a young woman like me. Yes, that sounds weird but I am a young woman now. Talking to friends about how I should celebrate it, endlessly begging my parents for a party (which by the way, I had when I was 1 year old until I was 12 or 13? That, I'm not sure of.) and counting the days before my birthday is awful. 

Last year, I happily celebrated my birthday with my close friends. Sadly, one of my best friends didn't get to spend the day with me. Oh yes, she has been M.I.A for almost a year now too. Anyway, this year isn't different from last year. A year before my birthday, I was looking at online shops listing the items I want. 3 months before November, I was excitingly thinking of stuff I wanna do with friends. A couple of weeks before my birth month, I tweeted a blogger whom I admire, Raleene Cabrera and asked her what she did when she was 18 and replied to me that she only had dinner with her family and a few friends; plus, she doesn't believe on spending millions for a grand party. A day before my birthday, I am sitting here and have no idea on what to do on my one special day.

These past few days, I have been really emotional because I think I deserve to be happy too. Everyone deserves to be happy. Why can't I be happy?

Alas! The last photo I took before becoming 18. I will be missing you, younger Nadine!

P.S. The photo is a lie, I'm not really happy.