Friday, August 17, 2012

My Hair Hates Me

This would be the most narcissistic post I'll ever make. But then, this is my blog so I can post anything I want to. Hahaha just want to post the evolution of my hair within just a year. I know, I think I may have gone out of hand but I think I'm happy with the outcome since I've always wanted lighter hair.

In the first quarter my hair was jet black, dull and just had no oomph. Go figure. I actually color my hair myself (I know it isn't safe but I like taking risks) 'cause my trusted hairstylist then was out of the country. Well really, I do it all the time which I think might be the cause why my hair was so dry. Although people loved my hair and I don't get it until now.

This is a photo before I had my hair done. It actually has a hint of brown though it doesn't show in the photo.

And here's my freshly digipermed hair from Tony and Jackey. Curly isn't really something new for me since I had mine done when I was in senior high. But short and curly is! Lol it's just something new and I totally loved it. I thought that I would sulk from the loss of my long hair, but I didn't. Yay me! Plus, I really wanted to have my hair digipermed. Oh actually, I wanted it long but the Korean hairstylist insisted to cut it since the ends of my hair was super mega ultra dry. And no, I'm not exaggerating.
with David Guison

And here's my current hair. I had some highlights done by tita Luz. I actually wanted to try ombre but I don't think it would look good on curly hair so I decided to just get hightlights. A little confession, I only trust myself and tita Luz when dying my hair. I don't know, I'm scared that others would dye my hair green. I remember one time, I entered a hair salon with my best friend and I panicked and went out 'cause they don't know what to do with my hair. It's a different thing with tita Luz since I don't have to tell her what I want with my hair 'cause I'm actually clueless. But then, she knows what to do with it and I leave her salon happy and satisfied. I actually asked her what she'll do that time and she just smiled and I replied "surprise me." I was really surprised since I thought it was too light for me since I took a peek after she bleached my hair. But then she reassured me that she wouldn't let me out of the salon looking like that. It looked liked Tricia Gosingtian's hair when she had her hair bleached blonde. Go figure. Anyway, she toned it down and I joyfully left the salon. Thank you again, tita Luz!

I'm happy with how my hair looks like right now. The curls have loosened and is now in it's wavy stage. They say digiperm lasts for 6-12 months depending on how you take care of it. The sad thing is that I don't take care of it. I just use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair. That's it. And also, I'm a little bothered since I think my hair is too yellow for me. Thinking if I should darken it or something. Depends on my mood, really. I do whatever I want with my hair, which explains the title of this post. I think my hair hates me a lot.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me MV

Okay, I'm just speechless. The whole music video was just whoa and wow at the same time. Not the typical Justin Bieber music video. His MVs just keeps on getting better and better everytime. I can't describe the video well enough without sounding biased. Well one thing I'm sure of though, I have always been and will always be jealous of the lead girls in his music video.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I never thought that I would ever be euphoric. It's insane how a person would feel so much happiness and not worry about anything for a moment.

Sure, we all remember a memory from childhood when we wanted a toy so bad and got it. That's a different kind of happiness. Different in so many levels.

Right now, it's just different. We become adults and forget the actual feeling of happiness. Sometimes, we even disregard the emotion and just go on with life which is hard.

In life, I've always believed that everything happens for a reason and that reason becomes a reason behind another reason which is pointless at times.

It's really hard to focus on happiness when all you can think of is how tomorrow will be.

Forgive me, I sometimes say pointless stuff.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nadine Macandog X Annika De Guzman


One of the most creative people I know personally, Annika De Guzman drew this for me in exchange of Red Velvet cupcakes from Cup Cs by Nadine! (shameless plug hihi) I wish I knew how to illustrate but unfortunately, I'm only gifted in drawing stick people. Anyway, I'm excited since we have a lot of things lined up. Talking about ambitious things excites me most! I can't wait to share all of it when it's final.


I might have done the craziest thing ever. I actually told someone I like him. It has been roughly 5 years since I've done something like this. It went horrible since I was expecting he would like me back. Turns out, he liked someone else. Anyway, he's in the past and I've buried the experience a long time now.

Well, I've wanted to tell him for as long as I can't remember but hadn't had the courage to do so until now. Read an article on Thought Catalog a few weeks back and thought I can do it so I did. I never thought I could tell him directly since I'm a coward when it comes to these things so I'm really proud of myself. After I told him my heart out, I've come to realize that I have just been trapped in the thought of having feelings for this certain person. These past few days, I've been really happy but there's something that has been pulling me from being genuinely happy. I thought that it would be just okay if I had teeny-tiny emotional baggage from him. Turns out, it can't work that way. It's either I have full affection or have nothing at all. I can't be the girl who just keeps on hanging there and waiting. I'm the girl who always has to do something about it and not care about what the outcome may be, although I tend to overthink most of the time. Well who doesn't?

It's overwhelming how this situation would empower me. I never thought that it would be possible but it is and I have never been this happy in my life. Finally, something that I thought would affect me negatively so much, has affected me otherwise. As of this moment, I have no "what ifs" anymore.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: Subic Opening Promo


The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf opens it's 45th store in Harbor Point, Subic!

There’s a Buy 1 Take 1 promo on all beverages every Monday, and a hot small beverage of choice free with every Swirl Card purchase every Tuesday. On Wednesdays, purchase of any salad or sandwich entitles customers to a free regular iced tea. On Thursdays, there’s a free beverage upgrade for any purchase of a breakfast set, while on Fridays, there’s a free upsize on all Tea Lattes. Lastly, customers can get a free cake slice for every purchase of any four beverages on Saturdays and Sundays. 


“Subic Bay has long been a favorite tourist destination, especially of those who are looking for a quick getaway. Also, it promises much economic and business growth. We are truly excited to grow with the Subic Bay community as we open The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® in Harbor Point – our first store north of Metro Manila
,”  shares Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Philippines.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Review: White Bean

Tried this new place in downtown Naga City called White Bean. The interior's really nice, definitely something new here in our town. The past few days, our town has been experiencing electricity shortage so most of the people including me were in a bad mood. Good thing my best friend and I planned to meet up and made my day a little brighter. The place looks heavenly and I love everything about it. So did my date for the day, one of my best friends, Tinay! <3 Anyway, the place is so cozy that I can see myself studying or blogging there. I swear I'm going back there!


Chicken, Fish and Chips for our appetizer

Chicken Pesto with Parsley rice for Tinay

Classic Lasagna for me

And the verdict!!!!
Place: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 4.5/5

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ateneo Blue Books

Got my new notebooks just in time for the semester. The designs are really nice and not too much for your eyes. They're really entertaining and it makes you want to attend your classes! Haha Thank you for the really smooth transaction, Kristina! :) Make sure you check out Blue Books Ateneo for your very own Ateneo notebooks!



Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cup Cs by Nadine

Here's the reason why my hands have been so full these past few days. Cup Cs by Nadine! For now, I only offer Red Velvet Cupcakes and Mini Oreo Surprise Cupcakes but I plan on making more! There's just something about cupcakes that makes your day brighter. Who doesn't love cupcakes?!


Cup Cs by Nadine offers homemade cupcakes which are fresh out of the oven. Inexpensive and delectable, who else has that nowadays? After a bite, it will surely make you want for more. Try it out yourself! :)

Please like Cup Cs by Nadine on Facebook for more info!




Here's what they're saying:

Thank you to Allie Principe of The Four-Eyed Wonder for my lovely logo!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

You Need To Know The Rules Before You Break Them

There's a rule that if you want your blog to be known, you must post at least everyday to have your readers something to look forward to every time they go online. Well, I guess that's not my thing. I definitely don't post everyday for the last 2 years and I guess I don't have regular readers. With the number of views I have for 2 years, I am humbled and grateful since I'm not interesting at all. Haha

Anyway, I've been sentimental for the past few days since this year would have been my last year in college if I hadn't changed my major. But I don't regret anything though. I love all my classes, classmates and my teachers are the sweetest. Speaking of school, I can't wait to see what this semester has in store for me. Since I love lists, will make a tentative list of things I'm looking forward to this year! Well at least half of this school year.

  • Survive all my classes, especially my major classes haha
  • More writing!!!! For my classes, that is...
  • Learning all the theories for my classes (okay, not really! but I'm pretty excited on learning more)
  • Make my cupcake business big
  • For the sembreak, *hopefully* an out of town/ out of the country trip with Stephanie!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear Mommy


Dear Mommy,

I know the past week has been so tough on us. I've said words a daughter shouldn't ever say to their mom but I did. I'm sorry for taking you for granted most of the time and not giving you any credit. Thank you for not losing hope on me. I promise to make you proud of me someday. I know I don't say this all the time but you're the perfect mom for our family. Our home would be incomplete without you. I know we don't show it all the time, but we care about you.

I was looking for cards for you the other day, something that you would like, and that could get my point across but wasn't too mushy. Achi and I are miles away from you today but I hope you enjoyed our little surprise for you. Happy Mother's Day, mom! 

Love always,

Friday, May 11, 2012

Just An Update

Hehehe. Hi Steph! :*

Last month, Firmoo Optical sent me one of their sunglasses which was just perfect since a few days after, I went to Caramoan with my sister and her beau.

I've wanted to bake red velvet cupcakes for a few months now and here it is! I'm so proud of myself for making this from scratch. I swear, they're perfect. Well except for the cream cheese frosting. Haha! It tastes really nice but it's just too soft it breaks. Must work on that! Plus, I'm really happy from the feedback I got from my friends. This is definitely not the last of my baking adventure.

Okay, this is pretty random and narcissistic. First time to ever wear contact lenses and yes, it sucked at first. Actually, I'm still on the process of figuring out on how to remove it without getting my eyes irritated. I don't even know why I keep on using them. Oh yeah, I remember now. It's 'cause my lovely sister bought it for me. I'm such a spoiled brat for always getting what I want. And in the end, after getting what I want, I end up regretting and blaming myself. I had no idea that it will give me a hard time on removing it 'cause I'm such a drama queen. It just feels like I'm going to hurt my eye or something. Yes, I'm overreacting. I tend to do that a lot lately.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Sun Was High (So Was I)

I know I've been MIA the whole summer and I don't have a legit reason why so I'm just dumping you photos from Instagram which may somehow make up for it. And just so you have an idea on what I've been up to this whole time. Okay, not the whole time since I've been drowning myself with my tv series (e.g. Gossip Girl, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Jane by Design, 90210, Pretty Little Liars). My collection of TV series will be the death of me, I swear. Anyway, I haven't been really doing much the past month. I don't even go out in the day. The internet is my best friend now.


Well, this isn't an Instagram photo but I just wanted to show my attempt on a crown braid.