Friday, December 30, 2011

In 2012 I Will. . .

☐ Meet a person who will genuinely make me happy
☐ Be more productive
☐ Take care of myself
☐ Be honest
☐ Be more patient; learn how to wait
☐ Write more
☐ Be inspired and inspire someone
☐ Reconcile with a friend
☐ Cry over something ridiculous
☐ Be optimistic and less pessimistic
☐ Fail and learn
☐ Learn how to choose from the real ones from the fake ones
☐ Not fall in love

I just thought it would be fun if I make one since I've never made one. Plus, it would get me preoccupied and being the said thought, is just something I might need in 2012. At the end of the year, I would go back to this post and check what it was like a year before; if I got what I needed and wanted. I hope that this year would be a whole lot different from last year. I just want it to be different; it's my turn to be happy. I guess it's time to let go of the past and focus more in what's happening now. Anyway, a very happy new year to whoever reading this!!

Review: Moonleaf Naga

Definitely not a big fan of milk teas; my head hurts whenever I drink some 'cause I can't appreciate the taste. I was a little iffy on ordering though people were saying really good things about Moonleaf's drinks. Having a lot of doubts, I ordered the Lychee Yakult with pearls which by the way, tastes really good and at the same time refreshing. I was keeping it safe all the time but then I had to taste their famous Wintermelon milk tea; it definitely changed my view on milk teas. Like seriously, I don't think I would ever appreciate it but I did. Though the place was jam-packed, the crew kept it cool and were really friendly and accommodating. And no, I'm not just saying that. If you don't believe me, you should come visit!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Moonleaf Naga

Moonleaf is a tea shop offering freshly-brewed tea mixed into a variety of delicious and refreshing concoctions, milk tea being the most popular.

It started just last October 3, 2010 and it got really big 'cause it became a hit among the students. And of course, what's the best advertisement other than the word of mouth right? Let's just get to the point. Now having 11 branches nationwide, Moonleaf has now invaded Naga City!

DSC01868 DSC01834 DSC01838 DSC01841 DSC01842 DSC01843 DSC01847 DSC01848 DSC01850 DSC01851 DSC01852 DSC01855 DSC01856 DSC01858 DSC01860 DSC01862 DSC01869 DSC01871

A peek on what's inside Moonleaf Naga :)
DSC01872 DSC01877 DSC01879

And yes, the Moonleaf 2012 planner is available here. Choose from these really simple planners, no need for stickers or any promos!
DSC01881 DSC01886 DSC01890 DSC01893 DSC01897 DSC01866

Visit Moonleaf at the ADC building along Magsaysay Avenue! Don't be the last one to taste their famous milk teas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


I'm at my grandmother's house having our usual Christmas eve dinner. And yes, I'm such a killjoy writing here. Well, if you see me now you'll understand why I'm here writing instead of hanging out with them. LOL It's just that, this cool breeze is making me all mushy and emotional. Don't fret, I'll live.

Anyway, won't be too long. Just had to write my 100th post just in time for Christmas. Will have our pictures taken now. Merry Christmas everyone!! :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith

Saw this on Tumblr and was really interested so I did a few searches on the web on what it was and how it works. My interest grew stronger 'cause somehow, I had the chance to just have fun with a book. I love books, they're my babies but this one's different! Anyway, asked a friend to buy it for me since it's not available here, I even had it transferred from one branch to another. Thank you so much Fully Booked for the really smooth process. I'm really enjoying my new book :) I plan on writing about my "Wreck This Journal" experience. My friend even called it the "Wreck This Journal journal" lol It'll be fun, I know it!

DSC01726 DSC01728

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Again, thank you to the people who bought stuff from us and to my friends who came to visit. Sure did mean a lot :) It would have been so hard if I was all by myself.

DSC01656 DSC01657 DSC01660 DSC01662 DSC01665 DSC01667 DSC01674

Bumped into Ralph who just got his tattoo done. I want a tattoo so bad :c /I wish huhu

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dead Cows

Photo Credits: Google Images

One of the creepiest dreams I've ever had. Well, I've been dreaming about weird stuff before but this takes the number one spot I tell you. I was going home from downtown with a friend and there were dead cows all over. I mean, seriously they were on the bridge, all over the road. The people were even in their usual selves like it was normal to have dead cows there.

I was a little worried on what it meant. So, I consulted the web for it's interpretation:

Seeing dead cows, it may be that your old self needs to be left behind. This may mean that you must stop carrying around with you the crippling burden of your past {irrational guilt-feelings and martyrdom complex, or any other negative self-programming}; and, instead, you must open yourself to what the present moment is offering. Alternatively, the "old self" may be old attachments, habits, ambitions, values, goals; in which case the dream is telling you that the only way forward for you lies through giving these up and looking deeper within yourself for better values, etc. {where "better" means more in tune with your real self}

Okay, I can normally breathe again. Apparently, my best friend and I were talking about things in the past yesterday and I believe I said something about how I can't move on yet since I'm still stuck with the past. I don't know, I think I still need this some sort of closure with people. I care so much about people who doesn't even think about me. In 2012, I should give more time to people who cares about me. It should be the other way around next year.

Christmas Bazaar

The Christmas Bazaar that Carolyn and I took part was a hit! Thanks to my family and friends who came to show their support and of course bought our products just 'cause we're friends. LOL I must say, it's really hard to just sit there and wait for people to buy our stuff. It became easier when my friends would go there, hang out with me and just kill time. Anyway, I know I said it will just be until Sunday but we decided to extend till today! So if you still have no idea on what to give your friends, drop by and let's see what we can do for you!

Photos below are just a few of my friends who came to visit. THANK YOU friends! :) /forever grateful

DSC01544 DSC01516 DSC01512 DSC01520
DSC01521 DSC01552 DSC01539 DSC01545 DSC01533 (2)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CaLee Shoppe X Shop TPC

YAY! It would be really awesome if you'd come :) Support my really good friend, Carolyn and I. Bring everyone you know, I'm sure we have something that you'll like! Happy Holidays!

IMG_1323 - Copy

The poster is from the amazing Meryll Quizon!! Thank you M!!

Monday, December 12, 2011