Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hanging out with high school friends is the thing I will miss most when we become professionals (:

Just got home from a friend's party. Well, it wasn't really a huge party. It was just a small get together. Too bad we didn't take any picture. I promise to buy a new memory card for my camera! I'm too tired that I don't know what to put in here. I'll try to be more relevant on my next post. Hahaha!

Oh yes, I woke up super early today! Gahhh. I jogged with my Mom, now my limbs are sore. My bad for not warming up. I know, so stupid of me huh? Anyway, now I'm pretty sure that the Kimchi Ramen that I ate last night is gone already from that exhausting run. But then again, when we went home already, after a couple of minutes I went back to sleep and woke up late! Lol. I'm still not sure if I'll do the same thing tomorrow. I'm too tired! :O

Last thought, there's nothing wrong with having a crush on a friend right? I just think it's awkard but no worries! I won't tell him.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


BlackBerry pictures suck at night. Sorry! Lol. That's all I have for now. No other cameras. So I guess I'll have to stick with that.

Well obviously, that's a California Maki right there. Uhuh! (: My parents and I went out for dinner tonight. We went to eat at a Japanese restaurant 'cause I wanted to eat something spicy. Mom and Dad ordered Pork Teriyaki and Tempura in a Bento Box. Then as for me, I ate Kimchi Ramen and California Maki. Oh no! It was so yummy and I was so full that it took me a couple of minutes before I can stand up straight. I was such a pig for eating too much. I couldn't help it! I was craving for Japanese food for weeks now! Now, can you understand me?

So because I pigged out tonight, I have to wake up early tomorrow morning and have a jog with Mom.

And oh! Have you seen the latest Eclipse trailer? Oh my. Jacob's hot and Edward's not. Lol. But seriously! When I was reading the book, the images that were on my mind were exactly the one's that are on the trailer. Oh my. I can't wait for June 30! It's going to be a good movie, I'm telling you.

Wants or needs, I don't care.

So here I am now. It's 1:55 am and I'm trying to write this post. I have lots to tell the world actually. It's my Aunt's birthday today! Lol. The one who gave me the People's Mag where Justin Bieber is on the cover! Yay! I'll attach the picture of the magazine as a proof. Nahh, I just want to show it off :P

Anyway! I didn't get to take pictures today because my camera's broken :( Poor me, huh? The memory card got corrupted and I guess it couldn't be fixed anymore. *sigh* It's time for me to buy a new memory card! Or maybe I could buy a new camera! Sounds good eh? I have been eyeing on a certain camera for weeks now and I really love it! Dang it. I want it so bad. I just hope I can pay for it.

Oh yes, before I forget! I saw Bryan Boy 3 times today! Lol. Now I'm starstruck! HAHAHA! I love him! And I'm not just saying that! Check him out if you haven't! Follow him on Twitter account and don't forget to read his blog :P

So as I have said, it's my Aunt's birthday so we ate out at Red Platter. It's a good restaurant, by the way. We had Tempura, Mixed Veggies, Baby Back Ribs and should I still go on? My mouth's watering now. HAHAHA! Uhuh, there were lots of food and we were soooooo full! Gahhh. After 3 days, that was my first good meal. Seriously! So, as we were done eating, Grandpa and I went to ColdShack (an ice cream parlor) and bought two half gallons of ice cream! Yes, we brought it home for our dessert. And oh! Yummy ice cream :P We had Rocky Road and Green Tea! After our dinner, we went back to our Grandma's house and ate dessert there. A huge cake was given by my Mom to my Aunt (: A yummy mocha cake. We ate that with the ice cream we bought. Actually, they ate it 'cause I didn't feel like eating Ice Cream.

Enough about foods alright? Hahaha! What was interesting was that after we had our desserts, we talked about politics and all kinds of random things. It was a funny thing because all of us wants Noy Noy Aquino to be the President of the Philippines but my Grandpa alone wants Gibo Teodoro to win. Oh my. It was a good conversation with the family. LOL. Serioulsy, it was! We had so much fun in talking about random stuffs too. And when I say random stuffs, I'm talking about funny things that has happened in the past. Oh I miss talking just about anything with them. That's really family.

Plus, the thing that really made my day was to know that Justin Bieber's guesting on Oprah! Uhuh, you heard me right! He's going to be there! (:

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Friday, April 23, 2010


So it's still my first day on this and I think I just had to write this one. Lol.

Earlier today as I was watching the television, I came across Disney Channel. Shocker! I know right! Anyway, as I was on that channel, Meet the Robinsons was on! Yipee! That's like my favorite movie. I mean since 2007 of course because it was released then. Plus, I never get tired of watching that one even though I have seen that for like a hundred times. (Okay, I may be exaggerating.)

I get emotional almost every time I watch that movie. I mean, who doesn't get all emotional after watching a very inspirational movie. Hello? C'mon! IT IS A GOOD MOVIE. No, scratch that. IT'S A GREAT MOVIE! I mean, we all have our dreams right? And sometimes we are not sure of what we really want. I think that we all have been on that phase. I must admit, it is not wrong to be afraid of what's going to happen in the future. That's pretty normal given the fact that we cannot turn back time. That's like history!

Anyway, going back to the movie. Lewis is a kid right? A very good kid. I mean, despite of what has happened to him, he still pursued the thing that he wanted the most. He has no family but that didn't hinder him to reach for his goal. And I believe that all of us should try to be like him. There is no harm in trying. It is okay to fail at first, but that should not stop us. In the movie, when Lewis failed, the family from the future told him that it is okay to fail because in failing you learn to succeed. So why not fail, fail, and fail some more? (I'm kidding, but actually it's sorta true.) I mean, you know, we learn from our mistakes right?

There are a few good quotes from the movie. But two of them struck me the most. The first one's, "Keep Moving Forward" and I think I'll be naming my blog after in a few days. Because right now I'm still confused on what I want to do in the future. But I guess all I have to do is to keep on moving forward to know what happens. And of course, before the movie ended, there was quote from Walt Disney -- "Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
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Well hello there! Uhuh, you (: After a year, I'll start writing my blog again! Yay me! I know right. It's been a year since I wrote my last post in my old blog. This one's a new blog so yea. Welcome me?

Okayyy. So here's the thing. Just a while ago, I talked to a close friend and asked her about something that's connected to blogs then she asked me, "Why aren't you writing anymore?" And that's why I'm here again. Gosh, I miss writing! Anyhoo, enough about that.

So what am I going to write? Anything, really! I'm sure I'll have some inspiring thoughts about random things. Lol.

All I know is that I need a new camera right now! Pronto!

So I guess it's the end of my first post. *u*