Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wants or needs, I don't care.

So here I am now. It's 1:55 am and I'm trying to write this post. I have lots to tell the world actually. It's my Aunt's birthday today! Lol. The one who gave me the People's Mag where Justin Bieber is on the cover! Yay! I'll attach the picture of the magazine as a proof. Nahh, I just want to show it off :P

Anyway! I didn't get to take pictures today because my camera's broken :( Poor me, huh? The memory card got corrupted and I guess it couldn't be fixed anymore. *sigh* It's time for me to buy a new memory card! Or maybe I could buy a new camera! Sounds good eh? I have been eyeing on a certain camera for weeks now and I really love it! Dang it. I want it so bad. I just hope I can pay for it.

Oh yes, before I forget! I saw Bryan Boy 3 times today! Lol. Now I'm starstruck! HAHAHA! I love him! And I'm not just saying that! Check him out if you haven't! Follow him on Twitter account and don't forget to read his blog :P

So as I have said, it's my Aunt's birthday so we ate out at Red Platter. It's a good restaurant, by the way. We had Tempura, Mixed Veggies, Baby Back Ribs and should I still go on? My mouth's watering now. HAHAHA! Uhuh, there were lots of food and we were soooooo full! Gahhh. After 3 days, that was my first good meal. Seriously! So, as we were done eating, Grandpa and I went to ColdShack (an ice cream parlor) and bought two half gallons of ice cream! Yes, we brought it home for our dessert. And oh! Yummy ice cream :P We had Rocky Road and Green Tea! After our dinner, we went back to our Grandma's house and ate dessert there. A huge cake was given by my Mom to my Aunt (: A yummy mocha cake. We ate that with the ice cream we bought. Actually, they ate it 'cause I didn't feel like eating Ice Cream.

Enough about foods alright? Hahaha! What was interesting was that after we had our desserts, we talked about politics and all kinds of random things. It was a funny thing because all of us wants Noy Noy Aquino to be the President of the Philippines but my Grandpa alone wants Gibo Teodoro to win. Oh my. It was a good conversation with the family. LOL. Serioulsy, it was! We had so much fun in talking about random stuffs too. And when I say random stuffs, I'm talking about funny things that has happened in the past. Oh I miss talking just about anything with them. That's really family.

Plus, the thing that really made my day was to know that Justin Bieber's guesting on Oprah! Uhuh, you heard me right! He's going to be there! (:

Photo Credit: Google Images