Monday, April 9, 2012

(kind of) A Review: The Pro Chef's Office

In the spirit of Easter, my cousins and I wanted to try out their crêpes (I don't really see the connection, do you?). It was my first time there and I really like the place since it's cozy and the lighting is really nice. Would really consider studying or blogging there. Plus, you'd get the privacy you want and the people there are really nice.


I had the Banana Split Crepe

Really moist Carrot Cake. The slice was too big though, good thing there were 5 of us who were sharing orders.

Crepes Parmigiana. Definitely going back for this! The flavors were to die for.

Crepes Zuzzete. This was a little different since it had a little alcohol in it (don't know what exactly). It's still nice though, the oranges complements well with the sauce.

Baby Back Crepe. Haha cute name huh. *insert I see what you did there face* The presentation did not disappoint our taste buds!

 The Pro Chef's Office is located at the ADC building along Magsaysay Avenue. They have a small menu and I can't wait to try the others!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tanduay First Five 2012

These are just some of the photos that night, the other photos are with my cousin. Well for starters, I was really excited to go since I was just at home the past few days bumming. Anyway, I shall quote what my cousin said, "every year is a different experience." Again, thank you ninang Malou! If it weren't for her, we wouldn't have gotten backstage passes.

Okay, kill yourself if you don't know him. He was the first artist that we saw backstage and was really nice. Won't elaborate what I did but yeah, here's a photo. 

Gabby Alipe of Urbandub

Okay, I still don't know who this guy is. LOL just pulled him and asked for a photo and he said yes. So thanks I guess. But come to think of it, it's a little humiliating since my cousins were saying that he wasn't part of any band. Extreme LOL. *still praying he is*

P.S. mukha naman na siya yung nagpa-picture sakin ah chos!

Okay, I may have eaten what I said to someone roughly a month ago. Rico Blanco was extremely nice that night I can't even. Oh well! People make mistakes haha that, or he must have been drunk that night.

Basti Artadi from Wolfgang!

Buwi Meneses of Parokya ni Edgar! It was really nice of him to remember us from last year's event. Or did he? Lol what gives!

Vinci Montaner of Parokya ni Edgar! Told myself that if I didn't get a photo with Chito that night, I would kill myself if I didn't get a photo with Vinci! So here I am, still alive.

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Summer Nails: Bobbie's Fave Bikini X Nail Up A272

A little girly for my taste but I super love it!

DSC02424 DSC02420