Sunday, June 6, 2010

FIRST FIVE got me high.

First five's aren't just for Basketball games :P

There were more than a hundred photos so it took me so long to choose from all of them to post here. Posted every single one on Facebook so I don't think I'd have to post 'em here. Anyway, I met bands last night from the Tanduay First Five concert (heart)

6cyclemind, Chicosci, Sandwich, Kamikazee and Bamboo. It was my 2nd year attending this concert and I must say, it was a good one! It was better than the last one so I'm hoping next year's going to be the best!

Raymond Marasigan from Sandwich.
Kamikazee's Jay! It was his birthday that day.
With 6cyclemind's, Ney.
With Bamboo's, Ira Cruz.
With Chicosci's, Miggy Chavez :">
(This wasn't our only picture. I had tons of photos with him. He was super nice.)

They were all nice! Can't wait for next year's show. I had photos with all of them except for Bamboo :| And I wasn't THAT happy about it. I was really disappointed :|