Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TOY STORY 3 - Review

We turn into kids once our favorite cartoons head up to the big screen. Well, we all have seen the two Toy Story movies. One was way back in 1995 and the other one was in 1999. It has been about 11 years since the last movie appeared in the big screen and I must say, everyone was pretty excited about it. I believe that this is the best ever Toy Story yet. I didn't know they would be able to keep the magic going on.

Directed by Lee Unkrich, the movie touched almost everyone who watched the movie. It was the perfect addition to the sequel. From the beginning I found myself teary-eyed and happily smiling in my seat until the end of the movie. It was beautifully animated, not just because of the 3-D glasses. This movie had a college crowd laughing really hard, showing that Disney movies are for everyone.

At first, the toys were delighted that they were going to be donated than thrown away. They were really happy that they were going to be played with after many years. Woody was iffy about it and decided to go on his own. Then he was found by Bonnie, a really sweet girl who played with and loves her toys. Woody had so much fun as he was with Bonnie but left her just to return for his old friends.

Yes, it was hard for Andy to let go of his toys, but the best part of the movie was when Andy eventually sacrificed his most beloved toys and gave them to Bonnie. It was really heartbreaking when Andy described Woody, "He'll never give up on you."'

After watching the movie, it made me realize that toys are really really important. That's why I was really emotional during the movie. I thought it was just me but no. Almost all the people I know that have seen the movie were emotional too. It was really worth the wait. Good job, Disney Pixar. Good job!

And hey! Monsters Inc. 2 will eventually be released on November 2012 so let's wait for that really soon.

Photo Credit: Google Images