Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Little L.A.

So I've finished Lauren Conrad's two novels; L.A. Candy and the sequel, Sweet Little Lies. In my previous post, I mentioned that I would be giving reviews about the said novels individually (?) But decided to just give a one-post-review about it. Well, I figured that L.A. Candy has been released in June 16 of last year (2009) so I believe that there are many reviews about it already.

I heard that the book will head up to the big screen, CLICK THE LINK! Isn't that just exciting? Oh yes. Do you know Willa Holland? She might play Scarlett in the movie.

At first, I thought L.A. Candy was "blahhhh" but it gets really interesting as the story progresses. If you ask me, I would definitely say that the novel looks like 'The Hills' turned into a book. Lauren Conrad said that the novel is not based from the series. Well, I don't know about that. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed reading the first one and immediately read the second one in almost one day! The novel is really good that you flip through one page to the other just to know what's happening next to Jane. I would definitely recommend these books to people interested in the lives of private citizens turned Hollywood celebrities in just one night. It will really blow your mind once you know how dirty it really is in the business.

The story is extremely juicy. This one's a big hit to teenagers! Let's see how the third addition to the sequel goes. I heard it's going to be named, "Sugar and Spice."