Monday, April 9, 2012

(kind of) A Review: The Pro Chef's Office

In the spirit of Easter, my cousins and I wanted to try out their crêpes (I don't really see the connection, do you?). It was my first time there and I really like the place since it's cozy and the lighting is really nice. Would really consider studying or blogging there. Plus, you'd get the privacy you want and the people there are really nice.


I had the Banana Split Crepe

Really moist Carrot Cake. The slice was too big though, good thing there were 5 of us who were sharing orders.

Crepes Parmigiana. Definitely going back for this! The flavors were to die for.

Crepes Zuzzete. This was a little different since it had a little alcohol in it (don't know what exactly). It's still nice though, the oranges complements well with the sauce.

Baby Back Crepe. Haha cute name huh. *insert I see what you did there face* The presentation did not disappoint our taste buds!

 The Pro Chef's Office is located at the ADC building along Magsaysay Avenue. They have a small menu and I can't wait to try the others!