Friday, August 17, 2012

My Hair Hates Me

This would be the most narcissistic post I'll ever make. But then, this is my blog so I can post anything I want to. Hahaha just want to post the evolution of my hair within just a year. I know, I think I may have gone out of hand but I think I'm happy with the outcome since I've always wanted lighter hair.

In the first quarter my hair was jet black, dull and just had no oomph. Go figure. I actually color my hair myself (I know it isn't safe but I like taking risks) 'cause my trusted hairstylist then was out of the country. Well really, I do it all the time which I think might be the cause why my hair was so dry. Although people loved my hair and I don't get it until now.

This is a photo before I had my hair done. It actually has a hint of brown though it doesn't show in the photo.

And here's my freshly digipermed hair from Tony and Jackey. Curly isn't really something new for me since I had mine done when I was in senior high. But short and curly is! Lol it's just something new and I totally loved it. I thought that I would sulk from the loss of my long hair, but I didn't. Yay me! Plus, I really wanted to have my hair digipermed. Oh actually, I wanted it long but the Korean hairstylist insisted to cut it since the ends of my hair was super mega ultra dry. And no, I'm not exaggerating.
with David Guison

And here's my current hair. I had some highlights done by tita Luz. I actually wanted to try ombre but I don't think it would look good on curly hair so I decided to just get hightlights. A little confession, I only trust myself and tita Luz when dying my hair. I don't know, I'm scared that others would dye my hair green. I remember one time, I entered a hair salon with my best friend and I panicked and went out 'cause they don't know what to do with my hair. It's a different thing with tita Luz since I don't have to tell her what I want with my hair 'cause I'm actually clueless. But then, she knows what to do with it and I leave her salon happy and satisfied. I actually asked her what she'll do that time and she just smiled and I replied "surprise me." I was really surprised since I thought it was too light for me since I took a peek after she bleached my hair. But then she reassured me that she wouldn't let me out of the salon looking like that. It looked liked Tricia Gosingtian's hair when she had her hair bleached blonde. Go figure. Anyway, she toned it down and I joyfully left the salon. Thank you again, tita Luz!

I'm happy with how my hair looks like right now. The curls have loosened and is now in it's wavy stage. They say digiperm lasts for 6-12 months depending on how you take care of it. The sad thing is that I don't take care of it. I just use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair. That's it. And also, I'm a little bothered since I think my hair is too yellow for me. Thinking if I should darken it or something. Depends on my mood, really. I do whatever I want with my hair, which explains the title of this post. I think my hair hates me a lot.