Friday, May 11, 2012

Just An Update

Hehehe. Hi Steph! :*

Last month, Firmoo Optical sent me one of their sunglasses which was just perfect since a few days after, I went to Caramoan with my sister and her beau.

I've wanted to bake red velvet cupcakes for a few months now and here it is! I'm so proud of myself for making this from scratch. I swear, they're perfect. Well except for the cream cheese frosting. Haha! It tastes really nice but it's just too soft it breaks. Must work on that! Plus, I'm really happy from the feedback I got from my friends. This is definitely not the last of my baking adventure.

Okay, this is pretty random and narcissistic. First time to ever wear contact lenses and yes, it sucked at first. Actually, I'm still on the process of figuring out on how to remove it without getting my eyes irritated. I don't even know why I keep on using them. Oh yeah, I remember now. It's 'cause my lovely sister bought it for me. I'm such a spoiled brat for always getting what I want. And in the end, after getting what I want, I end up regretting and blaming myself. I had no idea that it will give me a hard time on removing it 'cause I'm such a drama queen. It just feels like I'm going to hurt my eye or something. Yes, I'm overreacting. I tend to do that a lot lately.