Sunday, March 27, 2011

100 Facts About Me

1. I am a family-oriented person

2. I love watching TV series

3. If I don't like something, I say it out loud

4. I love eating anything spicy as long as it’s edible

5. I easily trust people but,

6. I am not a gullible person

7. I believe in the saying: Everything happens for a reason

8. I have a crush on a teacher

9. Saab Magalona inspired me to start my own blog

10. I want Lauren Conrad’s life

11. I believe in 11:11

12. I love my sister though it doesn't really show

13. I easily get scared

14. I love writing

15. I don't believe in second chances

16. When I want something, I see to it that I get it

17. I don't add people I don't know on Facebook

18. I don't follow people I don't like on Twitter

19. I reblog anything I want on Tumblr

20. I think that I type fast

21. I think that I text fast

22. I’ve changed my Twitter username 2 times

23. I am a really disorganized person

24. I can eat chicken every day and never get tired of it

25. I easily cry in movies

26. I believe every song is written for me

27. My favorite Disney movie so far is Meet The Robinsons

28. I’ve watched it for more than 20 times already and still cry

29. I like to draw but don’t know how

30. I once wrote a story but didn’t finish it

31. I am 45% Chinese

32. I have this thing for stars

33. I don’t believe in having a huge number of friends

34. I have at least 10 friends who I know I can count on

35. I have a thing for drummers

36. I admire people who can sing

37. I want a tattoo but scared to get one

38. I treasure my friends a lot

39. I like reading

40. I am sorry for being a bitch then

41. But I am not now

42. I found a family in Sigwa

43. I hate anything that creeps and crawls

44. I once loved the color pink but thought it was too girly

45. My favorite color is purple

46. I love to listen to sad songs when I’m down

47. I have a thing for guys who can dress well without trying too hard

48. Clean fingernails and toenails are a major turn on

49. If you smell good, I will keep you forever

50. It took me more than a year to move on

51. I once loved kPOP

52. I easily get jealous

53. I’ve fallen in love with a friend a couple of times already

54. I don’t believe in the thought of having to be with someone forever

55. Someone I won’t name and I drank brandy inside the school campus but we didn’t get caught lol

56. 2 people I won’t name and I did something really bad in school but we didn’t get caught, again

57. 2 people I won’t name and I did the same thing and almost got caught

58. I have a lot of girl crushes but I’m straight

59. I got this idea from Kristine B

60. I easily get annoyed

61. If I count you as my best friend, you’re stuck with me forever

62. I have more guy friends than girl friends

63. I am a shy person

64. I hate it when people pronounce my name wrong

65. I get flattered when you know me and I don't know you lol

66. I am friendly though it isn't obvious

67. I like smiling

68. I don't believe in saying something behind your back

69. Because I can say it in front of you

70. I love to sing a song though I don't know the lyrics

71. I have a growing collection of rings

72. My room is pink

73. I have a stuffed toy named Kendi

74. My iPod’s name is Dani

75. I don’t like keeping grudges

76. I have this deep admiration for Justin Bieber

77. Justin Bieber is following me on Twitter

78. Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Sean Kingston and other verified accounts are following me on Twitter

79. I love cheese

80. I took swimming lessons when I was a kid

81. But I don’t like swimming

82. I talk to one of my best friends via Skype

83. The longest we’ve been on was 6 hours straight

84. I don’t like waiting

85. I love dogs

86. I love watching movies

87. I think I’m a grammar nazi

88. I hate colorful stuff

89. I hate it when people say stuffs instead of stuff and foods instead of food! People, walang plural niyan.

90. I love to listen to songs that people don’t know yet

91. I don’t think before I speak

92. My hair is naturally straight but I want it wavy

93. I get my nails done twice a month every 2 weeks

94. In meeting new friends, I lost some of my old ones

95. I am not very proud of the things that I’ve done before

96. But I won’t do anything to change them

97. When I was around 8 y/o, I was bitten by cat

98. This explains why I don’t like to be around cats

99. I have this dream to save the world

100. I believe that love exists

So yes, these pretty much sums up of who I really am and what I want in life. Now I challenge you to make your own #100factsaboutme! (: