Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Junethea Crystal Centeno, You're An Inspiration


Who is she? An entertainer? A public figure? A daughter of a famous person? No. No. No. She was just Junethea Crystal Centeno, your average young woman who liked to blog. Yes, she wrote about the simplest things on her blog, but she inspired a lot of people.

If not for a friend on Facebook, I would not know about her until now. I feel awful that I had not met her or had just followed her on Tumblr. I consider the people who knew her when she was still here lucky. I don't know her personally but based on the people leaving messages on her page, indeed she was a great loss. I have just seen her page today but she has given me a huge impact already. What more with the people in her life before the tragedy?

I have been staring at her Tumblr page since this morning because I couldn't believe that someone so young can be this inspirational. She was a daughter, a sister, a girl friend but most of all, a friend to everyone. She was taken away because I believe the Almighty One has greater plans for her.

Rest In Paradise, Junethea Crystal Centeno.

Played this on repeat while writing this.

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