Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blog Interview: Seph and Shai of Love Chic


1) What made you start a blog?

Shai is a freelance fashion writer, stylist and producer, while Seph is a model, photography enthusiast and menswear designer, so we have a common love for fashion and taking pictures. The blog started when our photographer friend was moving to New York and needed shots for his portfolio. We did photoshoots which we styled, directed and modeled in, and thought they looked awesome. With the help of our friends, we made a Tumblr account to show off these photos and actually liked the idea of starting a fashion blog.

2) When you first started blogging, what kind of readers were you expecting?

Exactly the kind of readers we have--young people who love fashion and photography. And we are thankful for that.

3) What is your style when it comes to writing?

We have more photos than words on our blog, because we believe the photos themselves are already telling our stories.

4) Was it easy telling people how you feel through your page?

Yes, our posts are usually well-received.

5) What makes your blog different from any other blogs?

We'd like to think we're the first and only his-and-hers couple fashion blog in the country so far.

6) Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Married with kids, running businesses related to fashion and arts.

7) Any advice you would like to give the people who are thinking of starting a blog?

Don't be obsessed with getting lots of followers or becoming popular. Your blog should be your means of expressing yourself. If you're blogging for other reasons, don't bother.


Photo Credits: Tricia Gosingtian
Visit their blog: Love Chic