Thursday, April 25, 2013

The One

Be honest, we all have the ideal person in our mind. I might sound crazy with all these and maybe I've seen a lot of rom-coms which shows flawless relationships which usually doesn't happen in real life. It may actually sound awfully ridiculous but I've came up with a list of that someone.

He would be someone who would not kiss me in the morning when I've just woken up just because he knows that it's unhygienic and believes that we have to brush our teeth first. But he knows that we can kiss right after. We would cook meals together as much as we can, eat it and have those "how did you day go?" conversations.

Due to our tight schedules, we wouldn't get to see each other as much as we'd love to. But we would make time for ourselves and have dinner. He would give me flowers, and even though I tell him how I hate them, he knows deep inside I love them and still surprises me with a dozen or two. He would spoil me every chance he can until I grow tired of it and tell him but doesn't stop. He would be funny and would always make ma laugh and would love my laugh, even my most embarrassing kind of laugh. He would know how I love to go to the movies and would come with me although he's tired from work. He would give me his hanky when he sees me crying over that stupid movie he didn't even want to see.

He would be someone who won't get tired of reading the articles I make and tell me his opinion on it. He would constantly tell me how good my writing is but wouldn't lie to me if it isn't. He would help me research and probably tag along when my boss assigns me to go out of town when he's free. We would celebrate whenever my writings get published even though I have been published so many times and never forgets to tell me how he's proud of me.

I would be crazy about him but not as much as he is with me. We would argue on a lot of things, but the day won't end until we figure things out. We would encounter a lot of issues in our relationship because no relationship is perfect, but that would not let me love him any less. He would be there to witness me on my happiest, but would not leave me in my darkest days. He would listen to me rant whenever I have to, and tells me I'm wrong when I really am. He would give me those forehead kisses when I need them just because he knows that it always make it better for me.

Someday, I will meet this person and right there and then; I will know. All the "woulds" will all be real and maybe, just maybe, he is the one.