Monday, June 3, 2013

School, yaaaaaay!

Summer's officially over and here I am on my bed typing these as I am dreadful of going back to school tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow's the start of a new chapter yet again. A fresh start as what would everyone say. I'm actually pretty excited for what's in store for me this semester. I hope everything turns out well for me and for everyone I know. I have 2 major subjects + 2 electives, no biggie. I'm going to be writing and writing and writing for all I know. Not that I'm complaining though, I'm just saying that I don't have a problem with writing. The time constraints blow so I have yet to be actually good at time management.

What I have learned from the past semesters would be of great help and boost me to be a better student slash person slash whatever you want to insert here. N O C R A M M I N G would be one of the many things I should practice. It's hard to not cram when you're a college student but hey, it's fun! Okay, I'm kidding. It's really stressful so I should stay away from it. "I haven't experienced cramming in my whole life." Said no normal person ever!

This semester would be a whole lot different one since I swear I'd be more focused on my studies and of course spread good vibes as what this post is all about. I guess it's true how people say when you send good vibes, you receive good vibes in return. Talk about good karma huh?

Photo Credit: Tumblr