Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inception - Review

Photo Credit: Google Images

Dreams. What do we know of them really? Do they stick in our mind or are we actually in a dream right now? Who could have thought that our sub-conscious could play a great role?

Directed by Christopher Nolan, Inception had the perfect twist and turns in the movie that made it more appealing to the viewers. I was puzzled from the beginning up until the last scene. It made me say, "what the?!" as I was watching it. Truly unique, like nothing I've ever seen before. Nolan certainly made it flawlessly and wasn't afraid to leave us hanging with a spectacular ending!

I'm not for the recent 3-d craze but I wouldn't have minded if Inception had it in 3-d considering the plot and the cinematography which was really awesome! The climax of the film for me was in the last scene that made the audience devastated, astonished, dazed, given hope, rejoiced then practically left jaw dropped and hung asking just one question: "Was that just a dream?"

This one's definitely a masterpiece from Nolan again. Proving that he is worth the spotlight! Missing this film and not getting the movie's gist would make you a felon. I'm nearly loss of words. You might just have to check it out yourself!

I give Inception an 8/10!