Tuesday, July 13, 2010

mark. Fragrances - Review

This is the second part of my review about mark. products. I've enjoyed everything about mark. since I got them. I already made a review about mark. cosmetics so check it out.

I am not good with perfumes especially if I don't like the smell. I tend to sneeze a LOT if I don't like a scent. Honestly, with mark. I didn't experience anything. They all have smooth fragrances.

At first, I thought Sophistique mark. would have this strong scent that would be a major turn off but it doesn't have that one. You can use this while you're heading to the office and it will blow your colleagues' mind! It truly has a sophisticated scent. I would recommend this to women with a busy lifestyle but still manage to be beautiful!

Feeling a little rebellious? mark. has the perfect scent to compliment your personality! Rebel Rose mark. is an interesting perfume which has this strong but sweet scent. It will make your day a little too over the top if you ask me ;)

From all of the mark. fragrances, my personal favorite is this one. mark. Jewel makes you feel gorgeous every time you wear this. It has a really smooth scent and is perfect for every day use!

It has the summery scent to it! That's mark. Citrus Bloom! This one's perfect for girly girls during hot summer vacation. It will give you the instant refreshing feeling after a few spritz!

If you are a party girl, Sassy mark. is the one for you! It has a flirty scent which will surely make guys go near you whenever you're at the dance floor with your girlfriends!

So what do you have to do now? I say you contact Celeste Proveaux and get your own mark. fragrances now! (: She's amazing!

Photo Credit: Google Images and http://cproveaux.mymarkstore.com