Saturday, July 3, 2010

mark. Cosmetics - Review

Do you ever get tired of having tons of make-up in your bag? Iffy about the make-up you're wearing? Going through your bag just to get that perfect eye liner, lip gloss, concealer, etc. Looking for the right make-up for the day can really be a fuss. Forget about all that because mark. has the latest catch to their make-ups!

Introducing, the mark. hook up connector. With the connector, you put together the cosmetics that you normally use every day. Trust me, it'll make your life much easier especially if you have tons of product you wear.
What's good about the connector is that it doesn't only connect lip gloss but it links mark. mascara's, mark. concealer's, mark. eye liner's and would you believe? mark. fragrances too!

Lots of Lacquer is a new line from mark. that has high-shine lip gloss and is featured in different magazines. I have one and I must say, it's really nice and it doesn't have that sticky and icky flavor. I'm not a big fan of gloss when it comes to lip products but with this, I'm loving everything about it!

And what I love most about mark. is that my idol, Lauren Conrad wears them too!

So what are you waiting for? Contact your nearest mark. representative! I suggest you contact my favorite girl, Celeste Proveaux! Thanks so much Cellie! I really love everything about mark.