Monday, August 23, 2010

BLOG turning into a requirement

So why does The Purple Centipede blog? Why do I blog? Honestly, I am not sure of what I'm doing here but I just know that this one's something I really want to do. As long as I have the passion in writing some weird stuff here, I'm good with that! Maybe I'm too lonely that's why I started to blog? One thing I know is that I'm definitely not alone but I feel "accepted" whenever I write anything! I feel independent; like I don't care with what people think (well I do too, sometimes!).

This post is not the end for it's just the beginning of my journey. I still have lots to learn from blogging. When I started TPC, I didn't know that I could encounter a lot of people but I have yet to meet them in person someday! They've been really nice to me and I am eternally grateful! So again, I thank my inspirations! Go check them out as well!

I don't need readers (actually I do, so thank you for my 800+ visitors!). Thank you for my friends that have been constantly visiting and hitting the refresh button (Ha!). Thank you for the people from Australia, Brazil, the USA, Canada, India and I'm not sure of where else my blog is read. I constantly have my bad days but whenever I go check my blog and get a lot of readers, all the negative vibes go bye-bye :)

So, this might sound really redundant but from the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU! ;)