Friday, September 10, 2010


Having no sleep was okay but being munched on by mosquitoes was definitely no fun! :| Last night, we spent our Friday evening at our school for BACS (Bicol Association for Catholic Schools). Different Catholic schools gathered for this meaningful event. I've never seen our campus being jam packed late at night so that means that the event was really a hit. Well actually, people were there late at night because they had no choice; the gates were closed at 9PM so no one can go out.

There were lots of parallel activities available last night but we chose to do some hand painting and rag doll making to entertain ourselves.

This is Carla's artwork but mine's prettier! Hahaha! /kidding :P

While they were busy stitching up some rag dolls. . .

I had my epic fail moment and didn't get to finish what I was doing :( Sorry but my stitching powers aren't THAT good :| I had it all messed up for some reasons.

Meanwhile, my friend Sabs did a very good job on her pattern! Hahaha! How can she put the stuffings in if she stitched the whole thing? Okay, a fail moment for her too! Lol, I'm not alone!