Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Who is Taylor Momsen? You may know her from the popular TV series in CW, Gossip Girl. Or maybe you've seen her in The Grinch. Yes, she's the adorable girl in the movie. But what happened to her now? Maybe she decided to choose a different light for her career. Well you see, I never liked her :| Sorry but it's just my opinion (sorry for the Momen fans out there).
She played Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl. At first, she was this cute gal but in the long run, she turns into this ungrateful-trying-hard-lying-social-climber b*tch. And oh, she wears lots of make-up, swears much, praises the demons, sings about death, sex at the age of 17!

And let's not forget about her "not knowing" who Justin Bieber is. Like hello? Everyone knows JB!
And you think that I'm just making these things up? Lol, even Google thinks I'm right about her.