Monday, December 20, 2010

Justin Bieber: My World Tour

The concert I've been waiting for my whole Justin-Bieber-fan life!

Ticket Prices:
VIP - Php8,429.00

Gold A - Php5268.00

Gold B - Php5,268.00 (Free Seating)

Silver - Php3,687.60 (Standing Only)

Bronze - Php2,107.20 (Standing Only)

General Admission - Php790.20 (Standing Only) 

The ticket prices are cheap considering it's Justin Bieber's concert. I honestly didn't expect it like this. I'm desperaaaaaaaate :| And because of this, I was wondering if I could solicit even for a small amount just so I can be one step closer to my dream. A tiny amount will do! (: 

Of course I want to be at the VIP section but if I don't have enough moolah for that, I might just consider being at the Gold A section since it's the closest possible I could be at.

Calling all titas, titos, ninangs and ninongs! (: Haha

with love, Nadine