Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

It was my first time cleaning my room yesterday and I must say, it was a success! Threw a lot of stuff that was filling up my room. Took photos before and after the I-thought-it-was-gonna-be-a-huge-transformation-for-my-room-but-really-disappointed-'cause-it-wasn't cleaning! :P But it really looks cleaner now, I tell you!


There were lots of stuff going on, I didn't know where to start!

My stuffed toy had hair accessories and these glow sticks around him, I thought it was killing him.

I don't know what it's called but I often put my used clothing, notebooks, etc. here and my mom would get angry at me. I guess I shouldn't do that now, huh.

Look what I found while I was cleaning! Tooooooooooooys! Well, they were all dusty so I was sneezing my nose off!


Kendi's a free pig and my books, some magazines and some accessories are organized now! Figured out I can actually put used clothes at the back of my door or better yet in the laundry basket.

I don't need to explain what happened here! Lol.

Organized my necklaces which I thought I had to buy more since I only have a few!

Let's just say, I didn't finish what I was doing 'cause it was really humid! I promise to do it today though!

After I was done "cleaning," I took a very nice shower then rewarded myself with Champorado (Chocolate Porridge). You really can't call it a reward since it's all I can eat -____- Yes, my teeth still hurts! I've been eating a lot of porridge these days.

Photos taken with my iPod named Dani and an app called Instagram which I think you need to download too.