Monday, September 19, 2011

David Guison in Naga City (Day 1)

Slept around 1 in the morning the night before we had to pick the Guison's at the airport. It was a bad idea since we had to be at the airport before their ETA and it was 30-45 minutes away from Naga. Brought my friends with me 'cause they wanted to meet David. I was really anxious 'cause I didn't know how to approach him. Like, would he know that it was me? So I called his name out and awkwardly waved at him.


Just look at how awkward we are here and how David looked like a celebrity in LAX. We headed straight to the hotel after since I figured they needed to rest.

Brought them to San Bernardino and had lunch at Geewan since tita Fides wanted Pinangat and Laing. After we had lunch, they wanted milk tea so we went to Bubbletown Teahouse for a couple of minutes then headed straight to CWC. It was their first time in Naga so I hope they had fun!

After CWC, we decided to go home since David and I needed to meet up for dinner with the other speakers at WOK. We were the first ones to be there and there were artworks so we decided to take photos.

After the really nice dinner, we decided to go to Metropolitan Cathedral then went around the city proper with the other guests.