Monday, September 19, 2011

David Guison in Naga City (Day 2) - The Talk

I remember how iffy I was on inviting David Guison for our Alternative Class Program. I don't cope up with rejection well so I hope you understand :P I didn't know if he would say yes or what, I just wanted it to be him. Talked to Raffy since he was the one in-charge for inviting speakers, asked him if I can invite one for blogging. Sent David an invite and I didn't get a reply right away so I thought it was a no. It was a Sunday and I was out with the family and he tweeted that he was going to give a talk in Ateneo de Naga University so I was a little shocked since I haven't checked my e-mail yet. The next thing I knew, we were talking about flight details! 

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Kyoooooooooot! n__n 

Really proud parents at David's talk in the afternoon.
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