Saturday, March 3, 2012

Forever Alone

Yay for my first post this month! Anyway, had my friend bought this shirt for me since this probably is the story of my life. Ranted on twitter last night about me being and will be forever alone. Clearing it out that I don't mind at all though. I mean there's nothing wrong with it as long as I'm happy. I've always believed that we make our own fate and nothing is coincidental. That's me, I think that way and so far it's working out for me.


On a semi-related note, I've been thinking of what productive things I should do with my life this summer 'cause clearly I don't want to be a bum. Again, posting the choices I've been considering to do.
  • Hit the gym; I seriously need to work out (preparing for something special this year, that's why)
  • Seriously do the the baking business with Mary
  • Intern!!! (I want to so bad! Plus, it'll keep me busy)
  • Be inspired so I can write more
  • Breathe