Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Summer Nails: KLEANCOLOR's Sheer Lilac X Wet N Wild's Party Of Five Glitters

I already made a post wearing the same colors but it's just too fun not to take a photo of them again. This time, I only applied Wet n Wild's Party of Five on my chosen fingers. I applied it just last night and got them removed today since I had my nails done by a professional. Will be posting my nails throughout summer. It'll be my little project. LOL just wanted to sound productive over the summer. That's a good thing also! It means I can blog more.

Lately, I've been such a bum and that's the least thing I want to be. I've been just catching up on my tv series and oh, will be watching Breakfast at Tiffany's! That's what's keeping me excited ;)

DSC02274 DSC02251