Monday, March 19, 2012

Misfortunes and Mishaps

It's been exactly a week and a day since the awful event. Anyway, I'll get to the point! Slammed the door and my poor little index finger was still there. Of course it hurt a lot and synonyms for "hurt" still won't give justice to my poor finger. Blood was everywhere by the way, you could just follow the trail of blood and it will lead you to my room. I even told a friend that if I was Bella Swan, the Cullens would have devoured me. A day after the accident, I had to get my anti-tetanus shots. I should get two. TWO shots, can you just imagine that? And yes, to make it easier, I hate needles, clinics, hospitals or anywhere medical-ish. I guess dad didn't want his daughter dead yet (knocks on wood).

Moral lesson: Make sure you close the door gently and use the door knob all the time and be a little wiser next time. (yes, I'm talking to myself)

DSC02202 DSC02203