Thursday, October 28, 2010

One Crazy Obsession

I'm Down To Earth and would want a First Dance from my Baby. If only he Picks Me and I promise not to Runaway, Love! :P Hahahaha! I know that U can make me Smile with whatever you're doing. Well, enough with these nonsense thoughts! Haha, I think you know who I'm talking about right? Yezzzzz, the main man! Justin Bieber!

If you're not yet aware, yes I'm crazy in love with Justin Bieber for more than a year now. It started when I was tired browsing the web and decided to watch some MTV. And there it was, his first music video (One Time).

Then, the day when he followed me on Twitter! It was a big deal, okay? If you're a belieber, you know how big deal that is! :P

I even bought his first album. A proof that I really love him :)

I even customized a shirt and wore it out! For a 17-year-old girl, that's too much I think? My friends thought it was funny :| 

I even asked my Aunt to buy me Justin Bieber's second album in Canada 'cause I was hoping I'd win the golden ticket! But sadly, the tickets says "Sorry! Keep looking for the big ticket . . ." Of course, I was sad but that didn't stop me from being his fan! Hehe 

That's my current desktop wallpaper by the way. 

To end this post, I just wanna say that you all should support Justin Bieber's upcoming movie! It's gonna be in 3-D so I know it's gonna be sick. Here's the trailer! (: