Monday, July 25, 2011

Aguirangan Island

Aguirangan Island is such a heavenly place to be at especially when you're with friends. We had this ecosystem exposure for our Environmental Science class. We only had canned food for our meals. Visited 3 islands in one day! Used someone else's restroom 'cause the one we have in the island was not that clean and I really needed to change 'cause of an unexpected visitor -- if you know what I mean. Oh yeah, the highlight of my Barangay Maangas visit was when I tripped and fell flat. That was not fun at all and my body's still sore from that accident. Good thing I didn't get a bruise though! Anyway, it was really something at night 'cause it was really dark and it was my first time to see a lot of shooting stars. I hope my wishes come true! ;)

072211 (7)
072211 (5)
072211 (6)
072211 (9)

First time to build a tent and we didn't sweat at all! Heehee, it was really fulfilling to sleep at the tent we put together! Gow CG!
072211 (10)
072211 (11)
072211 (12)
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072211 (2)

Good bye Aguirangan Island, 'till we meet again!
072211 (3)

Underwater photos by Janine Garchitorena