Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog Interview: Clara Murallos of Deep Fried Jupiter


1) What made you start a blog?

I got interested when I started reading Bianca Gonzalez' blogspot ( and I thought that I wanted something like that. An online diary where I can vent out and share. So I made a blogger and then that started everything. :)

2) When you first started blogging, did you consider about who your audience are?

No. HAHAHA. I was 13, I never really knew anything about the internet. Meaning, the haters, the stalkers, the cute fans, yeah those. :)

3) What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?

I work out, watch movies, sleep, and text. :) Bummmm.

4) Was it easy telling people how you feel through your page?

Yes of course, blogging helps me vent out things and make everything else better. Plus it is fun sharing things to strangers, because they give the best advice!

5) Any specific tips you have for new bloggers who want to make it in the blogosphere?

Just be yourself. People will appreciate you more if you are yourself and you don't really try to be somebody else. :)

6) Without giving anything away, what can you tell readers about your blog?

I deep fry jupiter and it tastes good

7) How is your blog different from other blogs?

It's mine, I think that is already something. My thoughts, my photographs, my artworks, my stories. It is definitely mine. :)

8) A message to The Purple Centipede?

Oh and if you don't know, Clara was the one who did this amazing renovation on my blog! Thank you so much! Anyway check out her blog @ Deep Fried Jupiter! She's really beautiful inside and out!