Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Interview: David Guison


I still think I'm a little biased since I've had a crush on him since I first saw him on the internet (if you're reading this, please don't get creeped out!). At first I thought he was a little haughty but he proved me wrong when he agreed on this interview and has been replying to me on Twitter. I usually don't do write-ups whenever I post interviews I have with people but with him, I just thought I have to make an exception. Well if you don't know the David Guison, you're missing out on a lot. David is a creative blogger and a really talented photographer. I rarely see guys who can dress up really well without trying too hard and he's one of them. He has an awesome taste in fashion. He can wear a plain shirt and still look really good! You don't believe me? Check out his looks!


1) What made you start a blog?

When Multiply became the new Mega Mall haha! I moved to Tumblr because it was easy to use and a lot of people my age were on Tumblr as well so I tried it out.

2) When you first started blogging, what kind of readers were you expecting? Do you think that everyone should consider this?

I never took it seriously because I knew no one would read my blog because it was mostly about funny stuff I see on the internet. I made a blog just to keep myself busy.

3) What is your style when it comes to writing?

Usually short and straight to the point. Like my answer to this question, haha!

4) Was it easy telling people how you feel through your page?

I never tell my readers how I feel on my blog. I leave that to my Twitter haha!

5) Any advice you would like to give the people who are thinking of starting a blog?

Keep it original and keep inspiring others!

6) Did it occur to you that you'll get famous through blogging? Well, do you consider yourself famous?

I never consider myself famous. I am just very blessed and overjoyed that some people get inspired and appreciate the things that I do.

7) One word that best describes your blog?

Life. I blog about everything. Food I eat, places I go to, people I meet, etc!


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