Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sta's 18

With my guy friends, (L-R) John Paul Buendia, Nadine Macandog (me), John Francis Ramos, Michael Angelo Mariano, Paul Cheng.
Well, he's sorta my best frienemy ;P Meet Chipi!
I was wearing a sequined cocktail dress, designed by yours truly!

A night to really remember. Well, make that 2 nights to remember ^^ Anyhoo, my friend (Sta) celebrated her 18th birthday last May 8 so a few days already passed but decided to write this post just now. I was too lazy! :O

After that party, my friends and I planned on more out of town trips by ourselves! I hope it really happens! First stop, Boracay please! (: Please! Hahahaha! 2 years from now would be great. I can wait that long as long as it happens. Uhuh ;P