Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It's been a week or so since my last post. Uhuh, I was too lazy! Plus, I had nothing good to say so why write here? I'm on Twitter and on Tumblr so that's kind of a blog too right? I guess I'm not THAT lazy. I guess I have to fill this up of what has happened in the past few days. Don't worry, I'll walk you through it.

So my last post here was April 27 and I wrote about me being too tired 'cause of the jog. Well, technically that was the story of my day last April 26 so 27 doesn't really count. And why am I talking to myself while writing this post? Dang it, I'm losing my mind.

April 27, 2010
Well, all I can remember is that, that's a Tuesday. Oh yea! I stayed home all day. It has been too long and I really can't remember anything about that day. I guess Mom asked me if I wanted to go jogging with her in the morning but I said no 'cause my legs are too sore. Hahaha! Plus, I think I had a hangover from my friend's birthday celebration.

April 28, 2010
Oh man, I think I have to skip a couple of days 'cause it's really not worth it. I think I stayed home too much! Hahaha!

May 1, 2010
Yay! It's the first day of May and it's Labor Day! My Aunt had to host a lunch for the family so we went to their house then stayed there for a couple of hours, hanged out with my cousins then that's it! Well, I'm kidding. Mom, Dad and I went to the mall and went s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g! Uhuh, I bought a LOT of stuffs just 'cause my sister wasn't with us =P That's the joy of being the youngest child! Hahaha! So yea, I bought a new flat iron. It's a ceramic one! Yay me! <3>

So after a few hours strolling, I asked if we can watch a movie so we did! Well, Dad wasn't that excited :| But it was an okay movie.

May 2, 2010
Sunday means family day. Spent the day at home. Woke up extremely late! Mom was pissed at me, as always! Attended mass with the family then went home to my Grandma's house to have our going away party for my Aunt who's going back to Canada. Lots of food again, gahhhh! When will this ever end???

May 3, 2010
Woke up kinda early. Lol. Well, my Aunt left for Manila today :( She's going back to Canada in a day or two. I feel so sad about it that's why I promised myself just a couple of hours ago that if I leave the Philippines, I will never go back unless needed. I mean, it's just hard to let go. If I want to settle somewhere, I have to be just there. It's a must for me. New York, I will see you soon I hope!