Monday, May 17, 2010


Obviously, these are the things I want for my birthday which is on the 3rd of November. Lol. I'm posting it right now because these are what I really want right now, and when I mean right now, as in NOW. Early gifts are much much MUCH appreciated! Hahahaha! If you don't know what my address is, you can always e-mail me mmkayyy? Hahahaha! I'm not expecting all of these but at least a close copy of 'em would be great! Last October 21st, I already posted things I wanted but it doesn't mean I won't like those stuffs anymore, these are just additionS to the list ;) Lol, FACEBOOK WISH LIST. I might still add stuffs I want in a few months before the said date. Mehganon? Hahaha! Ma-feeling much? Lol.

I'm serious about him :">

Weathered Hobo Bag, Forever 21 - Anything alike would be good too.
Two-tone fedora straw, Urban Outfitters - Anything with the same style would be good!

Titan Purple, Skullcandy - I posted 3 kinds of earphones. I only want one of 'em ;)
Studded owl ring, Urban Outfitters - I'm kinda addicted to any kind of owl design right now so anything will do.

Smokin Bud Tokidoki, Skullcandy - This one's cuuuuute :">
Skool Girl Doodle Slip On, Vans - I've been eye-ing this for months now, I didn't know it comes in black too :O So any of the two will do. Please be thoughtful! Hahahaha!

Riot Purple/White/Blue, Skullcandy
Reptile Embossed Shoulder Bag, Forever 21 - As I have said, any kind of messenger bag will do :D I'm not that choosy. Well, I'm very very choosy. Just figure it out ;)

Quilted Bow Shoulder Bag, Forever 21 - A close copy of a bag like that will do ;)
Pave Headphones Necklace, Urban Outfitters

Mesh Bow Ring, Forever 21 - Any bow ring will do! As in, any! :"> As long as it's a bow.
Melt in Paris Stud Set, Forever 21 - Any stud earrings will do! I lost all of my studs so I need new one's :(
Lucky Charms Hair Pins, Forever 21 - I don't need an exact one, I just need something to put in my hair.

LOVE Nameplate Necklace, Forever 21

Layered Slip-on, Vans
iPod Touch Case Purple - Any purple case will do :"> But I won't be needing this if I don't get my next wish ;)

iPod Touch 8gb :"> :"> :"> :"> Please?
Hookah Shisha in Purple - Okay, this one's a joke, I don't smoke :"> Hahahaha! But I won't mind getting one. ~.~ I'm kidding.
Flowered Tea Party Slip-On, Vans - Just because I'm into flowery stuffs right now.
Filigree Leaf Headband, Urban Outfitters - Trust me, if you're a close friend, you know that any kind of headband will do ;)
Cultural Bangle Set, Forever 21 - Any design will do.

Charm Cord, American Eagle

Bubble Watch, Tokidoki - Now, I'm in love :">

Bow Ring, Urban Outfitters - Another example of a bow ring.

I hope my parents approve of a tattoo :"> I promise it would be something significant.

Elmo Magalona (@SuperElmo) would be okay too if you can't give me Justin Bieber (:
A video message of him would be great :">

For comments/inquiries email me at

P.S. I'm serious! Hahaha! Don't let me down ~.~

Photo Credit: Google Images, Forever21, Sony, TokiDoki, Urban Outfitters, Vans, SkullCandy