Friday, May 27, 2011

Blog Interview: Sasha Lim Uy of Scott Stuart


1) What made you start a blog?

I've always loved writing. It started way back in gradeschool. I write down everything--from science notes and movie quotes to my innermost thoughts. I have a journal actually but then I realized, why bother keeping all these stories to myself. I could entertain people with my takes on the daily grind. Er.. so there.

Scottstuart wasn't my first attempt to start a blog. I wrote a few entries in my deleted Friendster account, I did the same in my deleted Multiply account, as well. I have a livejournal which is strictly private--it contains all my ka-drama-han hahaha. I have a blogspot which I opened for class--it's all news so I barely even look at it now. Wordpress was the one I stuck with but I had another one before which pretty much sucked. I wrote about it actually: --that's my entire blog history. Hahaha.

2) When you first started blogging, what kind of readers were you expecting? Do you think that everyone should consider this?

Actually I didn't. It was more of... I just really wanted to get my stories out there. My blog was meant to be niche-less, if you know what I mean. It's really just--stories, no fashion, not so much of my face or my clothes unless it's a huge part of the story. I think if you want to open a niche blog, you have to think of your audience and similar blogs. For instance, Riza and I opened a food blog for tumblr and of course, it was to attract foodies. My blog is pretty much for anyone who loves a good story, is interested in life, etc. Hahaha Cheesy things like that.

3) What is your style when it comes to writing?

It really depends on the purpose and the audience. I used to write news and of course that has a more formal, serious tone. When I write for work, it has to be fun, witty and insightful without bordering on subjectivity or editorializing. For my blog, it's all just me. Hahaha It's how I talk, it's how I think. Sometimes the entries I write there are straight from my head without so much as editing or revision or even rereading. The style is the same--it's very positive, I think and very bare bones but the tone varies.

4) Was it easy telling people how you feel through your page?

I don't exactly pour out my soul in my blog. I'm careful not to let slip anything that's too personal, precisely why my LJ is EXTREMELY private. If your thoughts are private, then don't bother blogging about them because the internet is public space. It's like you're saying "I have a secret" pero wala ka naman balak sabihin yun (you don't really intend on saying it). What's the point?

Anyway, I'm a very open person, I don't write things that I'll regret in the future.

5) Any advice you would like to give the people who are thinking of starting a blog?

Just have fun. That's my go-to advice. Hahaha It's just me though but I don't really think about my audience when I make an entry. Niche blogs usually do that--they think about how readers would like this or react to this. But me, I opened my blog for "selfish" reasons hahahahahaha. I opened it for me--for me to have an outlet and share my stories.

6) Where can you see yourself in 10 years?

Funny I was just asked this question last week! Definitely editor of an online publication. Online is the new frontier and I intend to be part of it.

7) One word that best describes your blog?

Toodle--go figure hahaha. It's very random.