Friday, May 20, 2011

On Being Alone. . .

I haven't been this emotional for quite some time and it feels weird. I don't know if it's me or it's just my hormones acting up. Actually, I'm not really alone given that I'm around my family all the time and I was just talking to the best friend earlier via Skype and it was fun. You know the feeling when you think you're alone though you're not? Plus my playlist has not been of any help...

Just the thought of being alone is scary. I have been afraid of it for the past 18 years. Come to think of it, who wants to be? I guess this is the reason why I write. I write 'cause though I feel I'm alone, there's something that tells me that I'm not. I'm still hoping that there's someone out there who really gets what I write. May that be the sensible posts or not -- well mostly not.

I'm totally clueless on what this post really mean. I just wanted to let go of this heavy feeling. And if I'm lucky enough, I find someone who feels the same thing or dealt with the same thing and got over it. To anyone reading this and have the same complication, you can always talk to me. *virtual hug*