Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rapture Day

It was late in the afternoon that I realized that I needed to go out. Aimee SMS-ed me to tell me that her plans for the day got canceled so I decided to go with my other cousin to pick her up at the airport since she just came home from Manila. To prepare ourselves for the "end of the world," we went to get some yummy refreshments at Bubble Town Teahouse. Stayed there for a while then decided to go home, eat out, go home again to rest and go out to get some coffee.



An obligatory shot just 'cause my cousins said it was unfair that they had solo shots. Well, I must stick with my closed-lips-smile until my braces are taken out -- which is going to be real soon! Hihi, really excited!


The rings I wore!!! I have a new one -- the red clover from Bring Rings! Thank you for sending me some. If you want to get the same ring or some other awesome rings, a giveaway is around the corner or you can just purchase one from them! I swear, they have cool pieces!